New solo performance

This is a short teaser for my new live show. New songs and instrumental tracks I created in the last couple of years. Here I am performing in collaboration with myself. One “me” is at home, while the other one is on stage.


Top Hat Cariers

nosei hamigbaat poster

The NOSEI HAMIGBAAT 25th anniversary. Released at the 26/12/13, after a long period of unavailability.
Visit for more details (hebrew only).



My debut album under the name Oosh (Meast Records, 2000) tends towards techno music, yet combines mys various musical origins: electro pop, industrial, and experimental music. Considered a breakthrough in Israeli electronic music, it is today greatly appreciated by many around the world. An EP released recently features cover versions for “Over G” (punch music 2010), a prominent track in the album. Ten years after its release, the original track still receives enthusiastic reviews.

Label: Meast Records
cover art and photogarphs by Zoya Cherkassky and Ruti Nemet
designed by sugapusher


Beaufort Original Soundtrack

Six months after the release of the film Beaufort, Adar released the soundtrack album which featured slightly different musical arrangements. The monotonous, claustrophobic music was described by many critics as “music for William Basinski fans”.


Music from Home (ep)

The soundtrack for Uri Katzenstein’s video art work presented in the 2001 Venice Biennale. Electro-acoustic experimental music by Ishai Adar and Binya Reches.

Label: Fact Records, 2001


The Golem soundtrack

In addition to the genuine show that featured live music during the screening of the silent movie, Sheer Sofer and Ishai Adar released the soundtrack, recorded in Ishai’s studio in 2002. Sheer plays here Tibetan bowls, gongs, percussion, and world string instruments, and sings overtones, with Ishai at the computer and the digital mixing console.


Year Zero – Original Soundtrack

Soundtrack of the film Year Zero, including both songs from the film and Ishai’s original neo-classical music, performed by a string quartet, piano and bass clarinet (quartet arrangement by Yoni Silver).

Here’s another track from this soundtrack: