Backyard is artist Uri Katzenstein’s acclaimed retrospective exhibition. I composed the core soundtrack and sequencing of the ground-breaking robot orchestra. Watch it in this film:


Borderline Case

A new work by the artist Uri Katzenstein. As usual I’m responsible for the sound of the “creature” shown here. A completely useless hardworker robot. The work was originally shown in the “about stupidity” exhibition at the Petah Tikva museum, 2013.


The Garden

Video art work by Uri Katzenstein. Ishai created the music (co written by Uri Katzenstein) and designed the soundtrack, with squeaky violins that converse with a voyager robot – a moving platform that rolls and hovers among the characters that enter and exit the scene.

The film was also included in the exhibition Hunger in the Israeli Center for Digital Art.



Another video By Uri Katzenstein with continuous elements from “The Garden”. The music and sound design here are totally different. Busting heavy metal guitar, jumpy elements and lot’s of amusing distorted sound.


La la Major

A sound installation by Uri Katzenstein & Ishai Adar. La La Major is a cacophonous sound installation that portrays a local landscape using music as its raw material. It features 24 speakers hung wall-to-wall resembling a loose rope bridge and playing 24 different pieces of music simultaneously. In order to put together a local musical landscape, Ishai and Uri Katzenstein used only Israeli music pieces. The spectators stood facing the bridge and listened to the humming it produced, while watching a video screening that showed diagrams of the sound waves. The result is a sound-and-sculptural-element installation that can be localized in various places around the world.


Exhibited in Herzliya Museum, 2007.



A Video art installation by Uri Katzenstein. The project used 11 video projections screened simultaneously. One of Ishai’s many joint projects with visual artist and musician Uri Katzenstein. Ishai designed the soundtrack and composed the music together with Binya Reches. Home represented Israel in the 2001 Venice Biennale.