Ishai Adar, AKA Oosh, is a musician, composer and multidisciplinary artist. Self educated, he has always used unique methods and techniques that lend his work special sound and character. Being the son of a cellist, he benefited from an extensive musical background and a variety of inspiration sources.

Ishai started his career in the legendary band Nos’ei Hamigbaat (The Top-Hat Carriers) and later released several significant independent albums. He worked as a sound designer and composed soundtracks for video art, sound installations, computer games and digital interfaces. A cinema enthusiast and a constant explorer of the relations between image and sound, Ishai has been composing soundtracks for feature and documentary films for several years. He is known for his talent in creating an uncommon, mystifying sound environment, with a passion that inspires students, movie directors and fellow musicians.

Bney Hama of which he is a member together with multidisciplinary artist Ohad Fishof, is Ishai most genuine artistic statement. It incorporates the DNA fingerprint of his entire musical and artistic career – as a pioneering Israeli electronic musician, sound designer and teacher.

Ishai lives in Ramot Hashavim in Israel, and works in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. In his spare time he fights ants, grows tomatoes, and raises three children.